Lorna Aylward       

Commonwealth Authorised Marriage Celebrant    

Getting Married in Australia

Although there are many aspects to a wedding, here are some of the legal requirements according to the Marriage Act-1961* for a couple wishing to marry in Australia;

- The ‘Notice of Intended Marriage’ needs to be signed no earlier than 18 months and no closer than 1 calendar month before the ceremony takes place (under a limited number of special circumstances a 'shortening of time' approval can be sought from the Registrar's office)

- A couple must provide evidence of the date and place of birth, so I can advise on the forms of ID that can be used.

- If previously married, you must provide evidence of the dissolution or nullity of that marriage.

- You will require 2 witnesses to the marriage, both must be over 18 years of age.

* Full details will be provided to a couple during their face to face meeting with their Celebrant.

Each ceremony is designed to a couples requirements so you can choose to have a short and sweet 'Registry' style wedding ceremony or a full service.