Lorna Aylward       

Commonwealth Authorised Marriage Celebrant    

Other Ceremonies


 Renewal of Vows

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to celebrate that special anniversary by renewing your Wedding Vows?

 Let me design a ceremony that will incorporate the many facets of your lives together in an original service.

The richness of your love will be reflected in the commitment you make to each other for many more years to come.

Naming Ceremonies

 Celebrate the birth of your baby by holding a Naming Ceremony. A Baby or Child Naming Ceremony is your opportunity to celebrate the safe arrival of the new addition to your family. In choosing this type of ceremony, you are announcing to your family and friends your love and affection for your child and the place they now have in your heart. Some beautiful ways to celebrate your Childs Naming Day are to light a candle during the ceremony, combine coloured sands to signify the unity of your family, plant a tree, release balloons to signify the soaring of your child’s spirit as he or she grows, organise a time capsule or treasure box. Your choice of God Parents or Guardians allows you to choose special people in your life to help you guide your child through theirs.

Naming Ceremonies are non-religious and can be held in addition to a  traditional Christening. 

Funeral Services

It is important to know that you can choose whom you want as your Funeral Celebrant so as a member of Funeral Celebrants Association of Australia, I understand the need to help you through  a difficult time as you deal with the loss of your loved one. So with care, compassion and the utmost respect,  I will create a Funeral Service that celebrates life, whilst compassionately saying farewell.